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马来西亚合唱联盟 Malaysian Choral Federation (MCF)

马来西亚合唱联盟 (MCF) 是由一班经验丰富的合唱导师,秉持着对合唱艺术教育炽热的情怀与热诚,以推广与发展马来西亚的合唱环境为使命而创立的。通过导师们的人脉与网络成为国内与国际合唱环境的桥梁,除此之外,联盟也通过组织或协办合唱活动和合唱指挥课程以提升合唱教育。


The Malaysian Choral Federation (MCF) is a friendly organization which aims to unite and support the work of choral organizations in Malaysia by providing and organizing events for the development and training for individuals working within the field of choral music - choral conductors, singers, music educators, composers be it professional, amateur or at student levels. With our wide network of connections with the international choral fraternity, we organize events such as masterclasses, exchange programmes, festivals and competitions for Malaysian choirs to participate.

Our recent and current projects include the 2016 Malaysian Youth Choir Festival – also part of Blossom Arts Festival in 2016, hosting the 2013 4th IFCM Asia-Pacific Choral Summit and organizing National Auditions for the World Youth Choir and the Asia-Pacific Youth Choir. We are also proud to be affiliated with the annual Malaysian Choral Eisteddfod (MCE), one of Malaysia’s leading independent festivals for choirs.

节目简介Performance description:


A celebration of children’s choirs from Selangor and KL, brought together by friendship and love for singing. The concert features some of the most outstanding Malaysian children’s choirs who have won national and international recognition for their artistry and musical achievement. They are now gathered for a special one-night only concert to share their music with Malaysian audiences – truly a concert not to be missed!

Tickets are on sale for RM30!

For more information, please contact Young Choral Academy at 014 624 2733

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