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LEE PHOTO SDN BHD是一家批发专业摄影器材配件为主的代理商,从2010年成立至今,也是马来西亚成长最快的摄影器材批发代理商。我们代理的产品大多与户外摄影,风景摄影相关的器材为主,包括镜头,专业脚架,专业相机云台,各国品牌的镜头滤镜,专业背负相机背带,高级望远镜等等。我们也乐于参与各界摄影活动,包括吉隆坡摄影节,举办摄影讲座,外拍活动等等希望可以为马来西亚带来更多的摄影爱好者。

LEE PHOTO SDN BHD is a distributor of Professional photography Equipment Company, we start at 2010 and we are one of the faster growing photography Equipment distributor. Most of the products we curry are about outdoor photography and Landscape photography. There are including Lenses, Professional Tripod, Professinaol camera ball head, Brand optical filter, professional camera strap, high-end binocular. We love to attend photography activity like Kuala Lumpur photography festive, organize photography talk, workshop and other. We wish can bring more photography amateur in Malaysia.

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