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Rami Ibrahim Sutra Foundation

在最挑战的时期,也就是当艺术难以获得赞助的时候,苏特拉基金会扮演了重要的角色以维持苏特拉的一切活动。苏特拉继续以它的创意提供和持续马来西亚的艺术表演,展览会和教育活动。苏特拉舞蹈剧场是一个创新的所有舞蹈者的舞蹈中心点,以及拥有在过去三十年,栽培和培育马来西亚表演艺术场景。它是在1983年被Ramli Ibrahim所创立。它也培养和培育一代马来西亚舞者,他们将大马原创舞蹈风格的作品搬上国际舞台,让更多人认识多元化以及具有活力的一个马来西亚。苏特拉也有和本地以及外地的剧院厂商合作设计服装以及场内设置,谱,和音乐。它的活动包括有表演,展览(苏特拉画廊),和教育(苏特拉学院)。苏特拉的舞蹈可以跨越种族和文化的栏栅,虽然拥有不同民族的舞蹈者一起跳同样的舞。

Sutra Foundation has been vital in sustaining Sutra’s activities during a most challenging period when sponsorship in the arts is difficult. Sutra continues its creative efforts in providing Malaysia with sustained activities in the performing arts, exhibitions and teaching. Sutra Dance Theatre is an innovative nerve center of dance that has, over the last three decades, cultivated and nurtured the Malaysian performing arts scene. Established in 1983 by Ramli Ibrahim, Sutra Dance Theatre has groomed a generation of Malaysian dancers and has taken original Malaysian works to reach out to national and international audiences, promoting the cultural diversity and vibrancy of Malaysian dance. Sutra has also collaborated with Malaysian and overseas theatre makers in costume and set design, script, and music. Its activities include performances, exhibitions (Sutra Gallery) and teaching (Sutra Academy). Sutra’s multi-racial dancers of Malay, Indian, Chinese and mixed races speak well of Dance transcending racial and cultural barriers in Malaysia.

经典舞蹈剧院在国际上和马来西亚都是着名的印度古典舞蹈“奥利西舞”表演。 由马来语,中文,印度和混合种族组成的多种族经典舞蹈家,代表了全国广泛和多样化的文化视野。 经典舞蹈家除了在印度古典舞蹈训练之外,还擅长芭蕾和当代现代舞蹈技巧,因此能够为他们的舞蹈注入不同的动力。 经典表现在“奥利西舞”的表现,现代观念可以在传统表演艺术中探索。 经典经典“Sutra”,将由其艺术总监Datuk Ramli Ibrahim特意委托和导演,其五个亮点来自其“奥利西舞”曲目(持续1小时20分钟,无间隔)。

Sutra Dance Theatre is known internationally and in Malaysia for its excellent performances of the Indian classical dance of Odissi. Multi-racial Sutra dancers, consisting of Malay, Chinese, Indian and mixed races, represent the broad-based and diverse cultural perspectives of the nation. Sutra dancers, apart from their training in Indian classical dance, are also adept in ballet and contemporary modern dance techniques and are therefore able to inject a different dynamics to their dance. Sutra demonstrates in its performances of Odissi that modern ideas can be explored within traditional performing arts. Dancing Sutra, Sutra's offering to the Blossom Festival, will feature five highlights from its Odissi repertoire (duration 1 hr 20 mins without interval) specially commissioned and directed by its artistic director, Datuk Ramli Ibrahim.

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