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成立于2014年,Theatrethreesixty是关于表演艺术,任何人都可以访问,火花 想象力,将观众运送到其他地方,不仅对他们而且对他们说话。通过创造无障碍体验的机会,提升行业,提供创造性的替代方案和维持可持续的合作伙伴关系,我们希望创造一个可持续和商业可行的平台做到这一点。Theatrethreesixty是一个致力于讲述我们想说的故事的戏剧从业人员团体。我们通过培养各式各样的作品,让作家和演员有个安全的空间,应许作家和演员们实验与成长。

Established in 2014, Theatrethreesixty is about performing arts that anyone can have access to, to spark the imagination, to transport audiences to other places, to speak not just to them but with them. Through creating opportunities for accessible experiences, upskilling the industry, offering creative alternatives and maintaining sustainable partnerships, we hope to create a sustainable and commercially viable platform to do exactly that. Theatrethreesixty is a collective of playmakers dedicated to telling the stories that we want to tell, by nurturing work from all walks of life, giving writers and actors’ safe spaces to experiment and grow to help pave the way for new Malaysian theatre.

节目简介 Performance description:

一部为了华穗艺术节设计的环境剧由theatrethreesixty呈现 。L5-7-44 是一部关于探讨人性如何徘徊在过去的结果。此剧会以英语,马来语和华话进行演出。由theatrethreesixty的艺术总监 Christopher Ling指导,剧本来自沙巴的作家Ariff Kamil写作。此剧让我们思考不同的问题:我们有多少人能真正继续的前进下去?我们要如何选择?坚持活在过去可能可以给予你安慰,但是有时候会制造更多的问题,不过还是值得的。

A site-specific performance specially devised by theatrethreesixty for the Blossom Arts Festival, L5-7-44 is about the consequence of attachment. Directed by theatrethreesixty's artistic director Christopher Ling and written by Yasmin Bathamanathan, it is an exploration, if you like, of how fallible we are as human beings. Performed in English, Bahasa Malaysia and Mandarin, it asks the universal question: how many of us truly can move on? How do we deal with the nature of these choices? Clinging to the past may be comforting, but skeletons are the least of the problems you can sometimes dig up

Tickets now on sale at RM38!.

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