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紙有童年 Ermes Art & Designs

Edmond Lee是“纸有童年”的创办人,他以精致及创意的设计融入剪纸艺术,在他的作品内添加独特的元素、艺术的热情来触动人心、通过剪纸艺术展现出来。

无论是作品的层次感或是加入发光二极管灯(LED Light),Edmond Lee的作品都体现了他的创造力和独特性,每个细致独特的剪纸艺术都带有一个潜在的信息,不管是爱、环境或日常生活的点滴、童年时期几乎迷失的回忆或漫画,都通过一系列作品呈现出来!

Edmond from Ermes Art & Designs touches the heart of many by doing what everyone absolutely loves most – handmade paper cutting. With an intense passion for the creative arts, Edmond brings his artwork to life by adding unique elements to his creations.

Whether it is a beautifully layered paper portrait or an LED-lit paper jungle, Edmond's artworks reflect his creativity and uniqueness. Each meticulously unique paper-cut art carries an underlying message, whether it is about love, the environment or everyday issues. On a lighter side, it reminisces the cartoons or things from childhood that is almost lost, and Edmond brought them back to life through artwork!

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