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上禾喫茶趣 Shang Her Enterprise

上禾喫茶趣成立于2009年,由 Mendy Wong 和吕方缇携手创办,公司专注于养生、品茶及推广茶道。2013年,上禾喫茶趣与马来西亚吉隆玻绿野国际展览中心协办台湾茶艺及茶食文化节、2015年在香港中环会议展览中心,呈献金紫莉“乐活展览”办茶道表演。

Shang Her Enterprise was founded in 2009 by Mendy Wong and Lui Fang Ti, as a company focused on health, tea tasting, and promotion of tea ceremony. In 2013 at the Mines International Exhibition & Convention Centre in Kuala Lumpur, it co-organised the Taiwan Tea Culture Expo. In 2015 at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, the Jin Zi Li “Lohas Exhibition” hosted a tea ceremony performance.

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