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然在2012年接触了铁线艺术而产生兴趣后,“铁线艺术达人”李祥在去年开设了李祥铁线艺术展览馆(Lee Siang Art Studio), 把铁线艺术发展成为一个活色生香的艺术品,成为公众爭相拍照的艺术品。

Lee Siang, 41, hails from Penang. At 17, he dropped out from school to follow his father into the welding industry. Having mastered welding skills, he secured contracts for the fabricating factory machinery and other small projects.

However, in 2012, after gaining exposure to the “Art of Wire”, he was hooked and soon became the “WireArtProMan”. He subsequently opened the Lee Siang Art Studio as the Wire Art Exhibition Hall. Lee wants wholeheartedly to develop wire art into lively art forms of colours to create intriguing icons and landmarks that pique public interest for photographic opportunities.

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