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日本 - The Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre Symphonic Band

KLPAC 管弦乐队,是为了提供一个关于管弦乐的平台,让来自不同背景的音乐人能齐聚一堂,一同创作音乐,定期举办表演。这一个组织的建立也是为了避免本在求学时期有玩管弦乐的朋友在毕业后没有机会或平台让他们继续学习和发挥的窘境。该团队第一次登场时是2009年。主要的目标就是为大众呈现元管弦乐,丰富音乐社区。目前的团长为Cheryl Mah。

The Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre Symphonic Band (klpac SB) was formed in 2009. Like the klpac Orchestra, it is a community-oriented initiative aimed at providing a platform for wind and brass musicians from various musical background, to get together, make music and perform on a regular basis. It was established to fill a gap in the local music scene where many wind and brass players who started playing during their schooling years were left with no avenue to continue after graduating. The band debuted with Friendship in Concert in 2009. Its primary goal is to promote original wind band music from the past to present, and to enrich the music community. It is currently under the leadership of Cheryl Mah.

节目简介 Performance Description

As 2017 marks the 60th anniversary of Malaysia-Japan Diplomatic Relations, klpac Symphonic Band celebrates six decades of friendship between the two countries with an array of Japanese songs and music that have long been culturally influenced on our nation. All specially chosen for this occasion, we unfold the world of Japanese Pop Culture, particularly on manga, anime, video games, and J-Pop such as Ultimate Anime Medley, Kyu Sakamoto Memorial, Stand Alone, Japanese Graffiti VIII, Teresa Teng’s I Only Care About You and Totoro.

日马建交60周年, KLPAC Symphonic Band欲以一系列影响日本国民深刻的歌曲和音乐来庆祝两国六十年的友谊。特别为这场合准备的歌曲,以日本流行文化为代表的Ultimate Anime Medley, Kyu Sakamoto Memorial(纪念坂本九先生), Stand Alone,Japanese Graffiti VIII,Teresa Teng’s I Only Care About You(邓丽君《我只在乎你》) 和Totoro(龙猫).

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