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马台街舞大比拼 Malaysia - Taiwan Street Dance- Off

4.8.2017, 5pm- 6pm

LRT 踩街造势活动

Parade Event @ Ampang Park LRT Station

5.8.2017, 5pm -7pm


Street Dance Performace @ Dataran Wisma MCA


HRC 公司旗下最著名团体之一。HRC 早期为纯Breakin 地板团体,当时全名为"Hyper Rush Crew",其意为寻求极限超乎可能的团体,发迹于2000年 成立迄今已十多年之久。

HRC Bboy曾代表台湾前往德国.日本.英国.新加坡.马来西亚.法国.中国.菲律宾.韩国.美国.澳门.香港等多国惨加演出及比赛,并于2011年与台北体院合作荣获”与台北体世界大赛”全球第三名的殊荣,多次受邀担任国内外大型活动的表演来宾及评审,为国际上具知名度的团体。

HRC BBOY Introduction

HRC BBOY is one of the most famous crews under the HRC company. The full name being "Hyper Rush Crew" which meant pushing beyond the known limits and they started out as a purely breaking group. Established in the year 2000, they have been around for over ten years now.

HRC BBOY, representing Taiwan, has participated in many show cases and competitions such as Germany, Japan, England, Singapore, Malaysia, France, China, Philippines, Korea, USA, Macao, Hong Kong, etc.

Internationally renown, HRC, working with the University of Taipei, won the third place in the 2011 BOTY (Battle of the Year) world competition.

Since then, they have been invited to many huge events, both within the country and out, to perform as guests and/or take on the responsibility of being a judge.

Music Talk Studio

Music Talk Studio (简称MTS) 活跃于艺术表演教学将近40年。MTS 联合创办人之一 Jan Calvin 成立了商业中心,为该领域的人才提供了聚集的空间。该中心通过与其他组织的合作、表演和教育以达到互相培训的目的。它举办了“立了商业中心,为该领域的人才提供了聚集的项目。作为一项外展项目,它为各个不同年龄层和能力的学生提供与其他艺术表演者共同合作的平台。MTS My Talent Show的愿景 愿景 舞蹈合作主要开放给当地所有的艺术表演者,能够一同合作和创作,而最重要的是能从每次合作中发掘新元素。舞蹈合作这项目主要是由 KiingKuah 所带领“带领“gKuah 所主导,推动。他们的舞蹈员曾给在 MTS 的音乐会、校园节目、企业活动中呈现他们的舞艺。KiingKuah 自14岁开始接触舞蹈,并于2011年成立了“成立了“舞蹈,并于企业,是一名专业的舞者!

Music Talk Studio, or more casually as MTS, has been active in teaching performing arts close to 40 years.

Jan Calvin, the co-founder of MTS formed a commercial center and it has since become a gathering hub for all local talents, providing a topnotch space for the talent community. The mission is to nurture artistry and the development of creative expression in art, through collaboration, performance and education.

He created a program named “MTS My Talent Show”, it’s an outreach program and art collaborations with other performing personnel, and school programs to students of all ages and abilities.

The vision of MTS My Talent Show – Dance collaboration is to open the doors to all local dancers to come and create, and most importantly rediscovering dance with each collaboration. This dance collaboration with one of the dance groups, “Unity Crew”, leaded by KiingKuah is not a first time for MTS. The dance crews have been performing for MTS concerts, school performances, corporate events and more. KiingKuah is a devoted dancer where he started to dance since 14 years ago, and formed Unity Crew in year 2011.

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