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马来西亚霍元甲武术学院 Huo Yuan Jia Wushu Academy, Malaysia




Huo Yuan Jia, a renowned master in Chinese martial arts holding a spirit of strength and forgiveness made itself success on forming a Wushu academy eventually.

Following the necessities of new era and the changes of social structure, 3 former wushu instructors from Selangor & Kuala Lumpur Chinwoo Athletic Association inherited the spirit of bravery, kindness and refinement of Chinese people and gathered to form a new Wushu academy.

In January of 2006, these 3 Malaysian chinese martial arts pioneers Chong Sit Fook, Tommy Yam and Ken Woo collaborated to establish the Malaysia Huo Yuan Jia Wushu Academy successfully. They embodied in one kind an unusual range of traditional and modern martial arts to form a new youthful and popular style to exalt the mighty spirit of Huo Yuan Jia.

“Getting altogether for just martial arts” is so a simple and direct slogan as for their academy. No matter what cultures and nationalities people are from, all can get together to learn the quintessence of this Chinese culture. A place where people can learn, can share, can cultivate their wushu is the one and only Huo Yuan Jia Wushu Academy.

节目简介 Program Description




“WUSHU SHADOW . ILLUSION ART” is the 1st Performing Art Performance that in collaboration of KENFX CREATIVE STUDIO & HUO YUAN JIA WUSHU ACADEMY by using the creative combination of human art and modern multimedia technology in Malaysia. In the year of 2011, our academy founders cum chief instructor - Master Ken Woo, by using the concept of advanced multimedia technology performing arts from oversea and merging the elements of wushu performance and launched the 1st Wushu & new technology art performance in during our academy 5th Anniversary Dinner on 17th December of 2011.

In the show, performers will interactive with the spectacular visual effects that combined with surging melodies for exciting the visual and auditory experience of audiences. With the innovative performances concept, it will bring us to the new page of the performing art. Enjoy the show!!

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